Sunday, April 20, 2014

I've Been Teaching Others To Start Gardening

What's that old saying about giving a man a fish vs. teaching him to fish?

I still think it's a great idea to grow and sell microgreens, but it also occurred to me that I could teach others to do it for themselves. And that's exactly what I've done.

In the last two weeks, I've had two separate classes attended by six ladies and children where they've not only started their own microgreens, but they've learned about vermicomposting and the benefits of starting your own compost bin. We also touched on the health benefits of wheatgrass and microgreens. When the average microgreen superfood has up to 40% more nutritional power than the actual vegetable, why wouldn't you find a way to add them to your smoothies or salads? [If you don't know what a microgreen is, think broccoli sprouts instead of broccoli vegetable.]

The cost savings can be huge too. Have you priced alfalfa sprouts lately or ever purchased a shot of wheatgrass juice? They're not exactly cheap. And you can grow them in small containers, reused salad packages or long seedling trays.

For a nominal fee ($5.00 to be exact), I welcomed these people into our home and taught them how to get started for themselves. My first students even got "the tour" and had a lot more opportunity to ask questions than did the second group...but all in good time. I've also had several others stop by and see "the worms" and pick up tomato plants too. To date, 17 tomato plants have gone out to the garden homes of other "farmers" and I'm excited to hear about their results later this summer. I'm also helping out two friends with their gardening endeavours and I've even had an international opportunity arise that although it may be long distance assistance, still helps me live out God's Vision for my life.

I know there are people with whom I'm friends on Facebook that probably are a shade more than sick and tired of all my gardening posts. But last fall when God's Spirit opened my eyes, my heart and my very soul to this explosive reality that the Vision He has for my life can be lived out now...I finally felt like I had permission to become the person that He had always intended I should be. 

Bottom line...He hard-wired me to love growing things...people, ideas and plants...and what I'm learning from all of my crazy gardening photos, Tweets and blog posts is that there is a whole wide world of people out there that are tired of being given their GMO, pesticide-laden "fish" and are ready to learn to throw the hook and line into the water for themselves. (I'm obviously speaking metaphorically since I have absolutely no clue how to fish!)

Imagine that!? A God who programs you with a plan, a passion and a purpose that He can use to bring Him glory...and there are people whom you know or will soon come to know that actually want to utilize the gifts and passions you have!?

Pretty amazing. Isn't it?