Saturday, January 24, 2015

Two HEALTHY Super Bowl Snack Recipes

I've been on a quest to find some healthy alternatives for next week's big game. And even though "Deflate-gate" has had me angrier than I care to admit, I know my family will want snacks. It's sort of a tradition. Last year, Abbey handled most of the cooking and it was amazing, healthy, and even better because I didn't have to fix it! But this year, I'm on my own for finding healthy options.

I almost put in a request to Liana Shanti to ask her to develop a Super Bowl recipe book. Her Rawganic Vegan recipes are always tasty and usually fairly easy with very few "weird" ingredients. [weird = difficult to acquire in the Midwest U.S.A.] She must have read my mind, because although a booklet has yet to arrive in my inbox, she recently shared a delicious dessert hummus recipe that I made today and received a hearty thumbs up from three of the four who tried it.

The Double Fudge Chip Hummus (mine pictured above) has just enough sweetness, in addition to substantial protein from white beans and nut butter, to make this an awesome alternative to pancreas-overwhelming fruit dips you find in the store.

Orange Salsa - Photo by Judith Hausman (

My favorite magazine, Urban Farm, also came through with the Hungry Locavore's Orange Salsa recipe. I made both of these today and let's just say lunch was pretty awesome!

If you have any tried and true football snacks that are healthy and delicious, please share in the comments below. While the boys in our clan will chow down on their favorite Buffalo Chicken Dip (yuck!), the girls and I will be highly anticipating our tasty whole food and vegan alternatives.