Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Grace (Eventually) by Anne Lamott: A Book Review

Anne Lamott just has a way with words. This is my third or fourth time reading her work. I've lost track of exactly how many in the same way you lose count of number of times you've met a dear friend over a great cup of coffee.

If you've never read or even heard of Lamott, I'll caution any ultra-conservatives, she may be an affront to your perception of how a Christian should think, speak and behave. I believe her salvation is just as true as mine though. We may not agree on every theological point but the essentials are non-negotiable: Love the Lord your God with everything in you and Love your neighbor as yourself.

Jesus said these were the two greatest commandments and that everything else could be summed up by them. Lamott's authentic, raw and candid disclosures of her path to live out grace and Love is nothing short of beautiful.

God is working this out in each of us at the pace only He knows best. Lamott makes absolutely no pretense of "having it all together". She doubts, she frets, she stews, she slips and falls, but between the pages of her honest and witty glimpses into her life, you will find grace...eventually.