Friday, August 29, 2014

An Ault Park Sunrise- Cincinnati, Ohio

Last year, my Birthday Twin suggested we have a sunrise picnic. We had a wonderful view of the city from Devou Park in Covington. But I didn't take any photos.

This year when she suggested a similar adventure to Ault Park in Cincinnati, I came armed with my camera...and God did not disappoint. Kari quickly pointed out how amazing it is for God to begin and end each day with such wonderful beauty. 

That gives us a little clue to His character and His heart, doesn't it?

The weather was perfect. The view breathtaking and conversation, as always, uplifting and satisfying.

To be honest, I came home a little tired and needed a nap later in the afternoon. Naps rarely happen anymore. I couldn't quite put my finger on what was so draining.

Sure, I'd gotten up before Dawn. And yes, I'd even had some restless sleeping the night before. Neither of these are strangers to me though. 

No, yesterday as the conversation turned toward big changes coming up for our family and I reflected upon the beauty I'd seen that morning and the Beauty of a God who lifts us up where we are, breaks the cycle of sin we've been handed down from the generations before us, and leads us and our children to passionately run toward the True Beauty He has for each of was more than my little heart could process and it simply Wore. Me. Out.

But with the much-needed nap, I felt Him whispering, "It's okay, Precious Child, may be all too wonderful for you to take in now...but that's okay...I'll be here again tomorrow...painting another masterpiece. If you can't receive it all problem...I'll be here the next day...painting again...and again...and again..."