Thursday, April 24, 2014

Planting Herbs: The Project of the Day

This was an idea I saw on Pinterest several months ago and it immediately became the one gardening goal I absolutely wanted to accomplish this growing season.

Yes, that is a shoe organizer. And the beautiful thing is...not only is it making excellent use of otherwise unusable vertical space...not only will it hold up to 24 plants (mostly herbs)...not only is it sturdy and in a spot where it will receive mostly cooler, morning is absolutely adorable too!

Today as I attempted to embroidery the names of my herbs on the pockets while I chatted on the back patio with my friend, Chandra...I even felt a little Austen-esque. Just call me Lizzy! (If you don't understand this reference, see or read Pride and Prejudice

Yeah...I know the stitching isn't that good. It has been awhile since I utilized this skill.

It doesn't really matter though. It's still better than the sharpie idea I had first.

So today was busy. Today was creative and along with Bible study, friends and was a day filled with amazing conversations and the astounding Love of a Saviour who loves me!

That's a pretty awesome day!